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My uncle has always come home to take care of me when my parents have gone out for whatever reason since I was a little girl, I love him so much he’s always been so attentive and caring with me like if I was his own daughter.I’ve also had a crazy crush on him since I was small and now that I’m becoming a young woman I think he’s started to notice all the changes that I’ve been going through with my body, I notice how he looks at me with different eyes and I love it. I know I shouldn’t have thoughts for him in this way but it’s just so much fun trying to get him to notice me like a woman that I am and not just the young girl he’s always known, I want him to desire me as I desire him. Today I went into my mother’s room and borrowed a silk lingerie slip that she had, to put on in front of my uncle and see what reaction I could get out of him seeing me like this.I went into the lounge to sit with him so that we could watch television together and immediately he stared at me in shock…his face was priceless and I knew what I had done to him now, I knew that I was engraved in his mind forever after that look, I saw in his eyes that he wanted me. I have never felt that kind of energy from him before it was so electric.Even when I told him that I had to go do my homework he asked me if I would want to stay a bit longer with him and watch tv together. He’s so cute when he’s nervous like this.I went to my bedroom and started to masturbate with my mother’s dildo iI took from her bedside table, I started to moan quite loudly imagining my uncle inside of me and in my mouth. The moaning must have drawn his attention because soon after my uncle walks in on me with the biggest erection I have ever seen and I’ll let you enjoy the rest of what happened with my video 😉 CLIP INCLUDES family sex, uncle and niece, satin lingerie, blowjob, handjob, 4play, groping, deep throat, gagging, pov, incestual talk, lube, spit, massive ejaculation, cum on tits, big tits, big ass, ass worshipping, tit worshipping,(English Subtitles). Hello, This is my very first time sharing my sexual fantasies with you so please be kind and follow me.If you desire me I ask you sincerely that if you buy my fantasies, please keep them just for your selfish pleasure and treasure me as I am only yours to enjoy. Don’t share my fantasies on the internet because that will hurt me and I’ll disappear from your dreams forever.I love you and thank you for wanting me.XXX